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Pleasure or Enjoyment: What to Expect from Wellbeing Tourism?

Can you picture yourself on a beach tasting a delicious ice-cream on a hot sunny day just before diving on paradise-like seawater? Or having a relaxing massage in a thermal water spa? What about learning how to cook a delicious traditional stew of a lost tribe that teaches you some new useful techniques? Or guiding

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What is Wellbeing Tourism?

“In our stressed world, wellness tourism is, says Lonely Planet, the industry’s fastest growing sector with a 10% rise [in 2018] making it a plus $500bn market” (The Yucatan Times, 2018).  According to the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness economy was a $4.5 trillion market in 2018, while in 2017 travellers made 830 million

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Shaping tourists’ well being through slow adventures

Slow adventure experiences, such as canoeing, stargazing or foraging, are characterised by a slower passage of time, immersion in the natural world and a sense of belonging to small social groups. During slow adventures, the perceptions of time, meaningful moments and a sense of togetherness are choreographed by adventure guides to shape tourists’ wellbeing through

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More About Detour

DETOUR empowers tourism destinations to develop and embed wellbeing philosophy and capitalise on the tourism and economic benefits which follow such as increased consumer spending, additional employment opportunities and contributions to GDP. It will upskill VET educators and Tourism SME's about the potential of wellbeing tourism as an emerging European Tourism Megatrend which can increase

Sustainable tourism, is it possible?

Sustainable travelling looks a bit like this…You take public transportation to the airport. An electric shuttle brings your luggage to the plane. You board a hybrid-electric plane to your regional destination. Upon arrival, you check into a hotel powered by renewable energy and jump in your room's water-conserving shower with refillable dispensers of soap.The next

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A Regional Tourism Strategy to grow the West Midlands’ economy

A Regional Tourism Strategy to grow the West Midlands’ visitor economy by more than £1 billion has launched today (18th September 2019). It also aims to create a further 19,000 jobs for the region. The West Midlands Regional Tourism Strategy highlights how work to support the sector can help to grow its economic value from

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