Wellbeing Tourism Destinations Communities of Practice Guides

(2 per Country Free to Download)

It is clear that wellbeing tourism is an expanding niche market globally, providing specific business opportunities through products that promote or maintain health. In 2017, tourism centred on health and wellbeing grew by more than 9%, almost 50% faster than overall global tourism. Today, a return to nature, renewed awareness of the environment, the rediscovery of local identity, and the search for both physical and psychological wellbeing have resulted in new wellbeing and slow tourism opportunities for tourism destinations and providers, and importantly for the destinations they are embedded in.

These free guides have been developed to help you capitalise on the tremendous opportunities for growth that the sector offers in Scotland, the Azores, Iceland, Slovenia and Ireland.  Below you can view and download a regional audit of wellbeing tourism, including a survey of stakeholders – these summarise the current state of the sector in each country.  The action plan builds upon this work, listing a series of recommendations for harnessing these growth opportunities.

While you are here, check out the wellbeing tourism destination map, illustrating the wonderful range of businesses offering inspiring wellbeing products.  Just click on the ‘resources’ tab above.

‘Wellness is the proactive things we do to maintain a healthy lifestyle, reduce stress, prevent disease, and enhance our wellbeing. This is what motivates wellness tourism’.

(Global Wellness Institute)