Each year, the 2nd year Wellness students organise a wellness weekend for the 1st year’s generation. Due to Covid19 pandemics, this year we went online instead of LIVE in natural environment. However, sharing fotos of previous LIVE events brings this weekend a little closer again.

The topic of the winter wellness weekend 2021 remained the same: bring wellness and wellbeing closer to freshmen and show them the practical aspect of the study programme.

This year’s event took place in MS Teams environment. 2nd year students created 9 groups from the 1st year group, covering all areas of wellness. Considering the fact that no meetings can currently happen LIVE, this Digital Wellness approach will see students working through different topics in different activities that will stretch from February all into April.

Goals we want to achieve:

  • Students try themselves in the role of guests which is great for creating empathy,
  • Students get to know each other better, working on team spirit and getting to know the school and teachers,
  • Students learn about wellness as a healthy way of life, with the aim to include it into their daily activities,
  • Obtaining profound knowledge of wellness, basic terms… which they will have to know as the future workers in the wellness industry,
  • Active participation in all activities, exchange of experiences, good practices, working on skills and competences…

Sauna for beginners

2nd wellness weekend at the end of Year 1: students become critical guests to the 2nd year organising group.

1st wellness weekend for 2nd year students: active participation of students at planning, organising and implementing wellness activities. Students put themselves into the role of wellness professionals and practice main activities of wellness.

Student testimonials

We are satisfied with the preparation and organization of the wellness weekend, as we did not have any major problems, because we tested ourselves in the role of project manager and hotel director on the previous wellness weekend. We are sorry that, due to the current situation, we did not have a chance to fully test ourselves in these roles, but we nevertheless believe that we have made great progress in preparation of activities and event organization.

Wellness reception in 2019

Already at the previous Wellness weekend, we acquired many different competencies during the preparation and organization, as well as during the implementation (communication skills, teamwork, the ability to lead or motivate employees, problem solving, personal development, professionalism…). We have slightly improved these competencies during the preparation and organization of this wellness weekend.

 Hourly plan of activities in 2019

We are very pleased that we have cooperated and communicated very well with each other in our roles. We provided each other with all the important information in a timely manner so that there were no major complications. We are also very pleased that we worked together as a whole team as a whole team and we are of the opinion that this wellness weekend, which did not have to be done due to the situation, turned out perfectly and the project was carried out without any problems. We are also of the opinion that each member of the team can contribute to the success of the entire project through their work. For the success of the team, the interconnectedness and solidarity of all members is important, as well as their own contribution to achieving a common goal.

Teamwork and commitment in 2019

We believe that in the future, more communication could take place directly between us and the hotel, as this way some things could be arranged faster and more accurately than if the mentor finds himself in the role of mediator. In the future, we need to think about additional possible scenarios and have more crisis plans in place that could be used in case of problems. We learned this precisely from this situation, which occurred with the COVID-19 virus, which caused us not to have to carry out our project as fully as we would have liked.

Hoping to go LIVE again in 2021

We are very grateful for the opportunity to test ourselves in these roles and we believe that this experience will help a lot in our future, as we have gained a lot of new knowledge and skills in the field of communication, organisation and leadership.